Prime Minister Modi Inspecting Guard of Honour

Prime Minister Modi Inspecting Guard of Honour

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Immediate Separate Redressal Commission for Armed Forces : Supreme Court (Updated)

The Hon'ble Supreme Court today ordered the immediate constitution of a separate commission to examine the pay / pension anomalies and other grievances of the defence services. The functioning of the commission would be directly monitored by the Supreme Court. The Commission would comprise of Justice Kuldip Singh, Retired SC Judge as the Chairperson and would have as its members Justice SS Sodhi, General VP Malik, Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi and one person to be nominated by the Government of India. The Commission would independently look into the grievances of members of the defence services and the Government would have no say in the same. The Government of India, in its affidavit, had only consented to refer the rank pay issue to the proposed Commission and did not agree to any other term of reference. The Court disregarded the affidavit alongwith the stand of the Government and also ruled that the rank pay issue would NOT be referred to the Commission since the orders had already been passed by the Supreme Court. The Court also refused to recall or modify its earlier orders on the rank pay issue and instead referred the review application preferred by the UoI to the Chief Justice for directions that it be placed before some other Bench. A historic step indeed for the Armed Forces of India. The salient features for the said Commission, as laid down by the Supreme Court in its order, are as follows : (1) The Commission shall be called ‘Armed Forces Greivances Redressal Commission’ (2) The Commission shall look into all grievances forwarded to them in writing or email by serving and retired personnel. (3) Commission shall frame schemes for rehabilitation of soldiers who are discharged at young ages. (4) The term of the first Commission shall be two years, renewable at the option of the central govt. (5) The Commission shall be based at CHANDIGARH. Central Govt to provide adequate infrastructure for the same. (6) Last drawn pay and allowances of the members to be protected. (7) The Commission shall also recommend change of rules if in its opinion the same are defective or inadequate. (8) All civil and military authorities to extend full co-operation to the Commission. CLICK HERE for order Source:


Anonymous said...

Armed Forces Redressal Commission is of no use when bureaucrat (Govt Rep) Ex-Chief/Vice Chief etc are on board. Most of the grievances will be against these members/organization they represented earlier. Once they could not redress them while in uniform with all powers, what will they achieve now with recommendatory powers?. All members should be SC/HC judges. Senior defence Officers if at all required to be members of commissions, they should only be for forcing the implementation of recommendations of commission in the Armed Forces.

If senior defence officers to be included in the commission, they be only for the forcing of implementation of recommendations of Redressal Commission thouugh out the Armed Forces. These are facts and required to be brought to the notice of SC that there are objections to Gen Malik's inclusion in the commission and therefore subsequent embarrassment to SC can be avoided now itself.

Suboyin said...

Dear Friends,

I am Ex SGT, Suboyin PP,( Wpn/fit), Joined in 1980 and took Discharge in 1996.

I heard that, there is a government order, from the Central Government, empowering sate government/law enforcement authorities to vacate the intruders/unauthorized persons, from ex-servicemen's properties,when ever it is required for him to stay at his home.
If anybody has any information about this, please send me a copy or the details of this order.

The Police authorities at my native place Cochin, do not have a copy and from ex-servicemen Welfareboard, Kakkanad, also I could not get a copy.

Presently I need to vacate my brother in law, whom, I entrusted to look after the house since 2002, in my absence. They were using 2 rooms of my house from which they hesitate to vacate now.

From your experience, if you have come through similar occassions, please send your valid advises also to my Email.....

Anonymous said...


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