Prime Minister Modi Inspecting Guard of Honour

Prime Minister Modi Inspecting Guard of Honour

Friday, October 31, 2014

Sri.M.Krishna Murthy RTO is critical

I am sad to inform, our friend M. KRISNA MURTY. Ex sgt. RTO trade. Nov 77 to Nov 92, is addmited in KIMS Secunderabad hospital. He is in critical condition. Please inform our friends. Please contact mr. Naidu, his brother in law on 9849906410 for latest condition.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Will clear hurdles, hike OROP funding: VK Singh

  Hindustan Times  Arainpura (Karnal), October 13, 2014 
Aiming at gaining support of ex-servicemen in the Haryana assembly elections, Union minister and former army chief VK Singh said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would “soon clear bureaucratic hurdles” to implement the ‘one rank-one pension’ (OROP) scheme for the armed forces. Urging the people to “throw stones” at other parties, Singh said the Centre had allotted Rs. 1,000 crore for the implementation of the OROP scheme in the budget. He was addressing a rally in support of the party’s nominee from Gharaunda, Harvinder Kalyan, who had recently joined the saffron party. Once a close aide of late chief minister Bhajan Lal, Kalyan quit the Congress in 2005 and joined the Haryana Janhit Congress (HJC) floated by Bhajan Lal. Then he joined the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and contested the 2009 elections unsuccessfully as its candidate. 
Meanwhile, Singh, Union minister of state for external affairs, said the Centre would increase the OROP allocation and “may start disbursing dues in installments”. He claimed, “The Congress government did nothing for the ex-servicemen. The BJP upon assuming power paved the way for fulfillment of the long-pending demand. Though the Centre has made up its mind to implement the scheme, files are pending with bureaucrats. I am sure these would be cleared soon.”

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

One Rank One Pension: Why are ex-servicemen disillusioned with successive govts?

Why are ex-servicemen disillusioned with successive govts?

 Ex-servicemen have protested to PM Modi that his government
 too has failed to fulfil the promise of 'one rank, one pension' –OROP
 that was part of his party's poll campaign and a definite promise to
 our veteran soldiers. Embarrassingly, for the BJP government, 
ex-servicemen plan a rally to ask why this government has yet 
to issue an order demand OROP 

The long-standing demand of ex-servicemen for ‘one rank, one pension’
 (OROP) was accepted by the Indian government in February 2014
with the then Finance Minister P Chidambaram making an announcement
 in this regard in the Interim Budget. The next government led by
Narendra Modi too accepted the demand for OROP in the Parliament.
 While both the governments stated that 'money or funding is not an issue',
 there still is no order issued for implementing OROP.

"The Defence Veteran community is disillusioned with the National
 Democratic Alliance (NDA) government, and particularly with Prime
Minister Modi. We believed Modi to be a man of his word and commitment,
and would implement the OROP. Remember, OROP was agreed to not
 only by the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, but also
 by Modi-led NDA government. The issue was discussed in two
successive budgets, with government promising of providing funds
 (Paison ki Problem Nahin Hai) needed, on the floor of Parliament.
However, it is with a sense of betrayal that the Veteran Community
still awaits implementation orders for OROP, despite passage of
over six months of its passage in Parliament," Cdr Ravindra Waman Pathak (Retd).

India's defence budget is in the region of $46 billion or about Rs3 lakh crore.
The OROP would cost 1.3% or Rs4,000 crore of the defence budget.
China's defence budget size is $126 billion i.e. more than Rs8 lakh crore.
Manpower wise, India has 13.25 lakh active military personnel and 21.43
lakh active reserves compared with China's 22.85 lakh active military
personnel and 23 lakh active reserves.

Cdr Pathak is also member of the Governing Body and Pension Cell
 of Indian Ex Servicemen Movement. He said, "If the implementation
orders are not yet out, we wonder when the money would land up in
one's bank account, given the snail's pace of the Controller General
 of Defence Accounts, working leisurely under the Ministry of Defence.
 How many more aging veterans would pass on/ die, before seeing
 their dues in their Bank?"

Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM) is also organising a rally
 at Nagpur on 12 October 2014, to express their disappointment
 with the Government's delay. 

Earlier in February 2014, slamming the "delay" by UPA in granting
 'one-rank, one-pension' for ex-servicemen, Narendra Modi had
accused Congress of playing "fraud" with the armed forces.
 “The government, which is sitting in Delhi has always been playing
 a farce with the Armed Forces. Before this also, a number of times,
the Finance Minister of Congress had made announcements about
One Rank One Pension (OROP) but never fulfilled it. Even this time
since I am repeatedly talking about it, they have announced it but
 this is a "fraud" (dhokha) with you. Had Congress party been honest,
 they had the chance to it in 10 budgets from 2004 to 2014. But they
 did not do it," Modi had said.

The 'deeply hurt, bruised and wounded conscience of ex-servicemen
 of India's Armed Forces', expressed their anguish towards the bureaucracy,
which they feel is responsible for the step-motherly treatment meted out to
 defense forces. The veterans, in an letter sent to PM Modi, say, "It is this
specially empowered bureaucracy which, without even a shred of any
commensurate knowledge, over the past 67 years, has mastered and
 honed the craft of repeatedly hurting the pride and morale of the soldiers'
right from the Chiefs to the sepoy. 'Jai Jawan' is handy only at crunch time
or prior to elections, where after the Armed Forces are routinely relegated
to the status of a 'necessary evil' type heavy baggage that the nation,
perforce, has to be burdened with. This bureaucracy has been successful
 in contouring the political thought process in the same mould."

"In sheer desperation, post numerous appeals to the political leadership,
 they (the defense veterans) collected at Jantar Mantar, the newly baptized
 Mecca of protests, to, virtually, beg for One Rank One Pension -OROP.
This was seen in the same light as any other 'rag tag' event of Indian street
 protests. No one listened to them and none cared. Now, more confused,
they returned their medals to the President of India, the supreme commander
of the Indian Armed Forces. These medals, which they were decorated with
 during their uniformed tenures, were symbols of their selfless service, dignity,
 valour and pride. Not one word from the supreme commander.  Some pension
 increase was doled out about a year ago, again, in the name of OROP but
 miles off the target.  Actual OROP was a resounding NO by the bureaucrats
 and, consequently, the government. The beleaguered lot appealed to the
courts for various acts of omissions. However, their legitimate arrears, despite
having been ordered for payment, by the courts, continue to be denied by the
 government whose attorneys are filing away plea after repeated plea to reverse
or stall these orders against the normal alibi of 'what about civilians'?," they said.

"Then, came the first budget of the new government. The Finance Minister,
 also doubling as the Defence Minister, presented his budget to an over-
expectant nation that wanted to hear the loud echoes of your election rallies
 in the financial roadmap to India's 'achhe din'. What came out was, mostly,
routine and safe bets, as if all your 'bold steps to be taken' had been hijacked,
 once again and obviously, by the bureaucrats. The FM did proclaim sanctioning
of the OROP, finally, with a layout of Rs1,000 crore. This was not even one fourth
 of the requisite amount. Thus, the UPA II's gambit was almost repeated.
 This was stunning, unbelievable but true. Again, no formal government
 orders about the implementation."

"Parting with this miniscule component of GDP for OROP will not only rebuild
 pride and morale of this vital and national human resource but will send a
 positive signal to the entire edifice of Indian armed forces which is required
to remain rock solid for the non-negotiable unity and integrity of India. Lastly,
I wish to submit that if you think that OROP would severely dent India's economy
 and the 'steel frame', please inform the ESMs in clear terms and as a finality.
At least they would start breathing and stop chasing an Indian mirage,
" the letter sent to PM Modi said.

Thursday, October 2, 2014



Letter to Hon'ble Prime Minister by Hon'ble M.P.


Ex-Servicemen return Medals