Prime Minister Modi Inspecting Guard of Honour

Prime Minister Modi Inspecting Guard of Honour

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fight against use of 'PBORs'

As rightly said by Vet. Prabhujyot Singh President of IESL & Vet. Gavini the time has come to raise a voice against use of a word PBORs. Like submitting memorandam by Vet. Prabhujyot Singh all the Ex-Servicemen  organisations must send their Memorandom to MOD on this issue. In all Central Govt. organisations Group'D' staff are now called Group'D' Officers. As Ex-Sgt.Babu comented on Sgt.Gavini's Blog, We the SNCOs,NCOs etc. are maintaning the most Sophisticated  Aircraft & Equipment in the World. The ranks have to be respected. We will hilight this issue in all possible way. join the movement...   

Here comes a true soldier, read the press conf. by Vet.Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal

Punjab Newsline More in News... Ex-Servicemen Seeks Better deal for Havildars and Sub-Majors

Ex-Servicemen Seeks Better deal for Havildars and Sub-Majors

PATIALA: Indian Ex-Services League, Punjab & Chandigarh has sought a better deal for Havildars and Sub Majors from the Centre Govt.

Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal, president of league in his memorandum faxed to Defence Minister, A.K. Antony, has asked the govt. to change the Pay-Band for Havildars and equivalent ranks from PB-I to PB-II and for Sub. Majors and equivalent ranks from PB-II to PB-III since the Sixth Pay Commission have not done justice with these ranks.

League stressed upon the govt. that the soldiers of the rank of Havildar form the real back-bone of Defence Forces and Sub. Major acts as a Chief executor of the strategy in the war. These two ranks have been virtually crushed by the partial recommendations of Sixth Central Pay Commission and further faulty implementation of the recommendations regarding their pay scales. The Havildars have been virtually equated to class-IV civilian such as Peons, Chowkidars, Mali and Dhobi etc. in respect of pay.

League has further asked the Minister to release immediately the orders for promised ONE RANK ONE PENSION for Junior Commissioned Officers, Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and other ranks which was announced by Finance Minister in Union Budget on 6 July 2009, and then by the Minister him self in the Parliament and finally by Prime Minister on Independence Day but the order regarding the same has not not been issued so far.

League has further demanded two pensions for the widows of ex-servicemen who drew two pensions during their life time. Because of early compulsory retirement, most of the soldiers have to seek employment in civil deptts. to compensate their meager pension which they draw by virtue of their service in the Defence Forces. Such veterans draw two pensions after their retirement from civil deptts. but their widows are not entitled for second pension as per the present pension policy of the govt.

Along with this, League has gone further to demand befitting alternate re-employment for the soldiers up to the age of 60 years like their civilian counter parts since about 90% among the soldiers are compulsory retired prior to their superannuation to keep the forces young.

League has vehemently stressed upon the govt. to fulfill the demands of veterans at the earliest lest they may come on the roads like civilian counter parts and the govt. will be in a critical position to handle that volcanic situation.

Last but not the least, the league has forcefully demanded of the govt. not to use the term PBORs for Junior Commissioned Officers, Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and other ranks as they feel much humiliated by being referred as such.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

buliding bridge with missing spans--- the COS style for jawans.

 The   GOI appointed a committe e of secretaries  to   look into and rectify the   anomalies and  complaints   which created a lot of hue and cry by the   defence pensionerswhuich was dutifully  highlited by the media.  The most important  complaint  was regarding the  wide gap that existed between the pre- and post  2006  pensioers'.Tthe other  major    demand was to   equalise the pension  of all  retirees  who were given  pension  as per thre different  tables. The sixth pay commission  created one more class of pensioners raising the number of  classes of pensiners to four.

 The most importanrt and long standing demand  was that of OROP  WHICH WAS REJECTED DOWNRIGHT  by the COS   and also made a categorical  reference that any attempt to usher in  OROP is to be opposed tooth and nail AND QUOTED, SC JUDGEMENTS   selectively and recommendations of the law and  finance ministries   to that effect.In the  process of quoting  it turned a blind eyeto the recommendations of the parliamentary committees, recent judgements of the SC favouring  OROP [major gen. case]  and  the reference made by her ex. the prsident in the floor of the house  and  the emtional  act of the  sodiers in returning their hard earned and precious  service medals.
However the  committee after  deliberations came to the conclusion  that there should only be two categories of pensioners, that is  pre 6 pay commision and post 6 pay commission. so far so good.
 Thecommittee also felt that the gap between these two categories of pensioners  are to be bridged  towards the cause of  natural justice. A very resonable  conclusion  by all  standards.but the committee  was   cruel   enough to call  this recommendation to meet the ends of justice a  new CONCESSION   and  stated that the effective date of implementation  will  be    prospective in nature. what a wonderful  sense of reasoning.THE COMMITTEE AGREeS THAT 1 THE GAP IS CREATED BY THE 6 PAY COMMISSION SINCE 01012006,2 THE GAP IS TO BE BRIDGED TO MEET THE ENDS OF NATURAL JUSTICE.  but the commission recommends tobuild this bridge for the cause of  natural justice to the  demands of the jawans   with   SPANS MISSING. a wonderfull brdge with spans missing from 10101206 to the date  of  theimplemantation. so much for  the  demands of the JAWANS.
 The most  astonishing fact is that  exservice organisations  both recognised and  unrecognised   have conviniently  ignored the  case of this MISSING  SPAN  IN THIS PROMISED BRIDGE. this mising span is  sure to deprieve the jawans of the arrears  for about 44 months   at the rate of 1900 to 1200 rupees per month. hence this blog  seeks the attention of all concerned   who can be of any help to  solve thecase of  this missing span.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ex-Sergeants have been deprived

Its time for all the Ex-SNCOs of the Air force especially Ex-Sergeants who have been deprived of their legitimate pension in the VI pay commission. Please respond and share your views.



Letter to Hon'ble Prime Minister by Hon'ble M.P.


Ex-Servicemen return Medals