Prime Minister Modi Inspecting Guard of Honour

Prime Minister Modi Inspecting Guard of Honour

Thursday, March 11, 2010



Since the letter is too lengthee and requires time to study the views of the publisher may be given later


G N Rao said...

Let us Examine Lac,Cpl,and Sgt of IAF revised pensions of 15 years of service in Groip I as issued by MOD vide their Cir.430

The revised pensions are as follows

LAC – 5519
CPL - 5395
SGT - 5492

From the above it is understood that LAC gets higher pension that CPL and SGT.

Let us examine the full strcture

Lac gets 14 increments after serving 15 years

Cpl would get 15 increments ( On promotion he gets one extra Increment)

Sgt gets 17 increments (One additional increments after promotion to Cpl and one on promotion to Sgt.)

Besides this they get Grade pay as follows

LAC - 2000
CPL - 2400
SGT - 2800

Earlier we used to have separate salary structure for each rank, and now we have only two pay bands i.e upto sgt and above sgt.

I understood that the following number of service is added to each catogotry while fixing revised pension

AC/LAC – 10 Years
CPL - 8 years
SGT – 6 years

This basic knowledge is while rank increases the salary,emoluments and pesion shall increase. Where as adding reducing number of years of service the pension would autometically decreases.

The idea of adding lesser number of years would have worked had there been sepaerate payscles for each Rank. However as all the four ranks fall under same pay band adding equal number of years of service would have worked ( it may be 10 years to all Ranks )

The same is the case in respect of Army and Navy.

I hope this point is well taken and represented .

G N Rao

Ex-Sgt.P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

We will take up the matter with the govt. The injjustice done to the Cpls and SGTs has to be setright.

Anonymous said...

Here I find the contradicting application of CoS report. I was discharged from Indian Air Force as Warrant Officer Gp X on 2nd Aug 2006 after serving 32 years 08 months and 12 days. My pension is fixed as per new scale (Corrigendum PPO dated Feb 2010) as follows - 15310 + 4600 (GP)+ 2000 (MSP) + 1400 (Gp X)= 23310 @50% = 11655/-
Now if I refer Table 120 of page 141 of the circular ibid, it fixes the pay of warrant officer retired before 2006 for 28 years and above in column 12 as revised pension Rs 13105 almost fixing it 2000 Rupees more than the post 2006retired warrant officer. Will be grateful if my confusion is cleared by any one. Its full of anomolies.

Anonymous said...

Mwo of X group pensions shown in table 124 is Rs.13590 & Hony fly. offr.pension in 6 CPC was Rs-13500/
which is not looking O.K.
But in table 133 0f circuler no.-430 is Rs-15465 for 1953 non effective for hon.vicroy commissioned officers & till 6 CPC
no difference was there as shown in
This may be sent forward and looked after.


The constraints of Ex-Service pension calculation can be easily solved salisfying all the pensioners by a standard system. One rank one pension calculate by Group, grade - rank - year of service. Very easy for me, if we do not solve this problem now who will and when? then all the pensioners will be victimized, that is too much.

Anonymous said...

Non-pensioner exservicemen age over 70 years and served at least 8 years of 1962 - 65 - 71 wars may be granted war service pension and health insurance.

Ex SGT.AK Mehta said...

Is some corrective measures adopted to remove anamolies arising out of pension of LAC,CPL & SGT. The Govt.should not make the Ganga to flow from plain to mountain. In any case senior is senior and Sgt. should draw pension more than cpl & LAC and same should be case for Cpl to draw pension more than LAC. Govt. must rectify the same & implement OROP as promised in the election menifeto time to time by all political parties

uday said...

Sir,I am Ex Sgt Gp.X,DOD 30.Nov.2002. On 20 yrs service from IAF.

As on date my pension is 10782.Even I do not what I suppose to get.My PDA is PNB,Kolkata.They do not neither bother to listen nor they revised or explained so far.Every time I do emailing here and ther with out the to whom this issue to be addressed.

will you be kind enough to verify my case on the basis of above data that wht should be my actual pension.I heard again there might be revision on pension on OROP issue.
So finally, what I want to know is what would be new rate of enhance pension if recent orop is implemented.

with warm regards
Jai Hind

anil kumar jha said...

Ex-Sgt A K Jha Ser. No. 766587-F
I had taken discharge from iaf on 02 Feb 2007 after serving 15 years and suppose to get leave encasement whatever I had encased as per new pension scheme.But still I couldn't get my encased amount leaving 113 days.

Anonymous said...

IK am ex sergeant having served for 15 yrs and took discharge on 30 sep 1994.At that time my basic pension was rs.564/-.Now i want to know that what will be my total pension after OROP.Kindly let me know as i am ignorant.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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surender vardia said...

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Pankaj Rawat said...

Respected sir,i had been working as an operator attending and calling almost 2 to 3 hundred calls and working as a clerk doing as a messenger job through phones for 6 months.all written work is done through phone. . After some time i used to hear ringtones in the absence of phones. . I lost my thought process gradually.i had auditory hallucinations of those office phones that is ringtone. . My psychiatrist diagnosed me schizophrenia . . After some leave from office. . . I responded well to doctor therapy. . But i hate those phones and ringtones of those office phones.i got fear from those phones.i want to know .2.if it is my illness then whether it happend to me due to my job or something else bcoz it happend to me only not my colleague (i have no genetic disorder or past history )? I also self harmed myself with a hot press into my arm due to hearing of these office ringtones in my room.i got irritated by seeing those office phones also.i am not getting disability pension.i had served 1 year 6 months to the service.wat to do. . .can any veteran of iaf help me out?

Ex Sgt Dhirendra Boitai said...

Kindly show the latest order issued by MOD (Def Min AK Antony) on 22nd Mar 2014 to Cgda for implementation of OROP wef Apr 14 .

Ex Sgt Dhirendra Kumar Boitai

Anonymous said...

Kindly show OR MAIL the latest order issued

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R S Sangwan said...

Sir, what is the exact pension of a jwo, gp 'x', retiring on 1st july 2013, total service 21 years.

richdad said...

Sir I got discharged as sergeant after 15years serving as elect fitter drawing now total pension how much increase I can get now pl can u help in calculating as per prop/ 7th pay commision

richdad said...

Sir I got discharged as sergeant after 15years serving as elect fitter drawing now total pension how much increase I can get now pl can u help in calculating as per oro
p/ 7th pay commision

richdad said...

Sir I got discharged as sergeant after 15years serving as elect fitter drawing now total pension how much increase I can get now pl can u help in calculating as per oro
p/ 7th pay commision

Unknown said...

Sir I am S.M.Reddy 642370A Date of Joining 25/05/1973 Date of Dis
chaege 31/05/1988 Retd as gp 1 Sergeant First pension is Rs.564 what will be pension on implementation of OROP and On implementation of 7th cpc Kindly let me Know

kaygee said...

please provide the equivalent rank in army repeat army for pbor for IAF.
and so on

Deepak Jain said...

My Father was retired from IAF in Feb 1994 after completion 15 years of service and died in Jan 1998. After his death our family pension was started on the name of my mother.
Problem is that we haven`t got any revised PPO after my fathers retirement.

So sir please guide me what I have to do for receiving the new updated PPO`s on my current address because our Add has also been changed.

Deeapk Jain
S/O Late. Sgt. Om Jain

op ojha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Reshma Syed said...

Good Evening sir,

My father was an Airmen who came out of service as JWO and expired 6 years back.

after my father's death, the family pension was given to my mother.

Request you to kindly let me know how the Family pension is fixed or calculated if my fathers original pension was fixed at Rs.327, as mentioned in the PPO,at the time of discharge after 21 years of completion of service.

Kindly help me with what amount of basic pay is my mother eligible for as per 7th pay commission.

Please let me know what is the amount to be filled for the SERVICE ELEMENT AS ON 31 DEC 15

Kindly hep sir.

Thanks & Regards



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