Prime Minister Modi Inspecting Guard of Honour

Prime Minister Modi Inspecting Guard of Honour

Friday, October 16, 2009


Pension Table @ 50% Based on COS report
                                              Length of service in years
Rank     15     16     17     18     19      20      21       22       23       24       25

MWO  8234 8646 9057 9469 9881 10292 10704 11116 11528 11939 12351

WO     7892 8286 8681 9075 9470  9864  10259 10654 11048 11443 11837

JWO   6976 7324 7673 8022 8371  8719   9068   9417   9766   10115 10463

Sgt      5820 6097 6374 6651 6928  7205   7482   7759   8037    8314   8314

Cpl     5392 5626 5861 6095 6329  6564   6798   7033   7033    7033   7033

LAC   5515 5736 5957 6177 6398  6618   6618   6618   6618    6618   6618

AC     4635 4820 5005 5191 5376  5562   5562   5562   5562    5562    5562


MWO 7443 7816 8188 8560 8932 9304 9676 10049 10421 10793 11165

WO    7253 7616 7978 8341 8704  9066 9429 9792  10154  10517 10880

JWO  6467 6790 7113 7437 7760   8083 8407  8730  9054   9377    9700

Sgt     4838 5069 5299 5530 5760   5991  6221 6451   6682   6912   6912

Cpl    4742  4948 5154 5360 5567  5773   5979 6185   6185  6185    6185

LAC  4721  4910 5099 5287 5476 5665   5665  5665   5665  5665    5665

AC    3805  3957 4109 4262 4414 4566   4566  4566   4566  4566    4566

Pension table @ 70% Based on COS Report

MWO  X  11528 12104 12680 13257 13833 14409 14986 15562 16139 16715 17291

WO     X  11048 11601 12153 12705 13258 13810 13810 14915 15467 16020 16572

JWO    X  9766  10254 10742 11231 11719 12207 12207 13184 13672 14160 14649

Sgt       X  8147   8535   8923   9311   9699   10087 10475 10863 11251 11639 11639

Cpl      X  7548   7877    8205   8533   8861   9189   9518   9846  9846    9846    9846

LAC    X  7721   8030    8339   8648   8957   9266   9266   9266  9266    9266   9266

AC     X   6489   6748    7008    7267   7527   7786   7786   7786  7786   7786   7786

MWO Y  10421 10942 11463 11984 12505 13026 13547 14068 14589 15110 15631

WO    Y   10154 10662 11170 11677 12185 12693 12693 13708 14216 14724 15231

JWO  Y   9506    9959  10412 10864 11317  11770 11317 12222 12675 13128 13580

Sgt     Y   7419    7742   8064   8387   8709   9032   8709   9032    9354   9677   9677

Cpl     Y  7216     7504   7793   8082  8370    8659  8370   8659    8659    8659   8659

LAC  Y  6609     6874   7138    7402  7667    7931   7931   7931   7931    7931   7931

AC   Y    5327    5540   5753    5966  6179    6392    6392  6392   6392    6392   6392

The above tables are based on the folowing:
1.Max. of V pay scale of each rank X 1.86+ Xgp pay + gp+msp/50% or 70%.
2.Weightage @ 6,8,10 years subject to max. 30 years.
3.No Classification allowance is taken into consideration.
4. GP of AC/LAC=2000, CPL= 2400, SGT=2800, JWO=4200, WO=4600 & MWO=4800
5. The difference between X Gp CPL & LAC is only Rs.675 whereas, the difference due to 2 years extra weightage is Rs. 882/- therefore, the weightage of 10 years given to LAC is making the difference.
(with this I hope the doubt of some people expressed on this blog cleared)

Air Force Pay Scales V Pay Commission
 MWO                          WO               JWO                       SGT                CPL                 LAC         AC

Group X
7400-200-10200,6750-190-9700,5770-140-8290,5000-100-6500,4150-70-5200,4025-60-4925, 3675

Group Y
6750-200-9550, 6600-170-9320,5620-140-8140, 320-85-5595,  3900-70-4950,  3650-60-4550, 3250

Group Z
6600-200-9400, 6180-155-8650, 5200-125-7450,3775-85-5050, 3200-70-4250, 3080-60-3980, 3050


O P SHARMA said...

I need my pension my 648442-H
ex sgt.O P SHARMA D.O.R 30/nov/1998

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